The Fellowship of Encouragement

Enon Student Ministry exists to bring glory to God by making student disciples of Jesus that make student disciples of Jesus.

This vision is implemented through our core values:

­Engage with God through Bible study, prayer, worship, and missions (Acts 17:11; Phil. 4:6; Ps. 29:2)
­Network with each other through community (Heb 10:24-25)
­Obey God’s word by loving Him and everyone else (Matt. 22:36-40)­

Nourish through evangelism and discipleship (Matt 28:18-20)


"How can I seek God and His Kingdom in my relationship with other people?" This quote is from Sean McDowell, the writer of Chasing Love, which our current series is based upon. This is a series about purity, but it is unique in that it focuses on the root of the issues. What are the heart issues that cause one to commit sexual sin? We're gonna talk about it. Doors open at 6:00!

Vision and core values

Sunday morning small groups

On Sunday mornings, its time for small groups! Currently, we have four separate small groups: middle school girls, middle school guys, high school girls, and high school guys. Right now, our small groups are studying the book of Ephesians using the H.E.A.R. Bible Study Method:

As you read the passage, use a highlighter to highlight the parts that stand out to you the most.
What did you highlight?

Why was it written?
To whom was it originally written?
How does it fit with the verses before and after it?
Why did the Holy Spirit include this passage in the book?
What is He intending to communicate through this text?

How can this help me?
What does this mean today?
What would the application of this verse look like in my life?
What does this mean to me?
What is God saying to me?

What action step are you going to take in light of what God has said to you?

Our small groups meet on Sunday mornings at 9:45. There is always plenty of coffee and donuts to go around!

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